To live stress-free.

A new wellness experience that delivers the mental, physical, and spiritual health benefits of a music festival. Damn right.

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we are vyve

A wellness enterprise on a mission to ignite every human’s ability to access natural ecstacy through human connection.

we invented vyving.

Vyving is a new form of partying for health-conscious thrill-seekers who value meaningful human connections.

And it is the best practice we know for annihilating stress and creating a sense of belonging and fun.

Think about the benefits of meditation, dance, exercise, and human connection. ALL-IN-ONE.

Introducing 'vyving'

Our research-backed method transforms your gatherings and celebrations into a strategic lever to elevate your employee experience.

For Employees

By working with VYVE to instil a culture of conscious and collaborative celebration into your organization, your people will feel invigorated at work, feel safe asking for help or having difficult conversations, and continually renew their passion for your company’s mission.  

For Employers

VYVE helps companies unlock the ROI of gatherings and celebrations and use it as a driving force to increase engagement and productivity, and lower absenteeism and turnover. Consistently. 

Research shows that the behaviours of highly engaged employees lead to 21% greater profitability for businesses.

The Right Culture: Not Just About Employee Satisfaction, Gallup, 2017.


We are leaders in Covid Safe Gatherings

How does a habit of vyving transform your life?

In our programs, vyvers are taught and empowered to become pro-social leaders. After working with Vyve, you will be able to feel centred and self-expressed in any group environment, create a great amount of joy and energy for the people around you, and develop a strong sense of camaraderie and collaboration in settings where it matters most.