In everything we do, we ignite and celebrate every human’s ability to create joy and energy.

Our Story

VYVE’s story began at the University of British Columbia by VYVE founder, Jacques Martiquet, initially as a public health initiative to address the harms of binge-drinking and loneliness for university students.

During this time, we brought together thousands of university students in exhilarating experiences fuelled by positive human connection, and not a single drop of alcohol (or other substances)! The experiences provided students with a healthy and powerful way of socializing that was rare in student life.

We then traveled to 13 different countries leading over 300 massive sober dance parties and developed a methodology for uniting, exhilarating, and revitalizing humans through celebration. 

In 2019, we declared the vision of VYVE: To co-create a world where every human knows how to purposefully and consciously tap into the power of celebration, at work and in their personal lives, to lead a healthy and meaningful life.

Since then, VYVE has partnered with organizations like LUSH Cosmetics and Accenture to leverage conscious celebration to elevate their employee experience in new and impactful ways.

Today, VYVE is a team of social entrepreneurs who believe in the power of celebration for igniting the positive impact of businesses across the world.

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The World We want to Create

A world where people leverage conscious celebration to lead healthy and meaningful lives, and collaboratively achieve meaningful outcomes.

Our Team


Chief Celebration SCIENTIST

In the very beginning, I worked as an emergency medic at giant festivals. After graduating from the University of British Columbia with a BSc. in Pharmacology, I traveled across 12 countries igniting hundreds of sober street parties. 

I was fortunate to have my work around leveraging celebration to promote mental health be featured on VICE Media, and be implemented at numerous companies, colleges, festivals, and community groups. 

During a meditation retreat, I discovered my life’s mission: To transform how humans gather in ways that cultivate health and happiness. How I advance my mission is by a systems-change approach.

Rod Moshtagi

Chief Operations officer

After working with a number of startups through a seed-stage program for massively scalable, science- and technology-based companies (called ‘Creative Destructions Lab’) I realized that our companies and organizations have the potential to solve the most important problems and challenges of our times and make the world a better place. 

Although that doesn’t always happen, I’m committed to doing my part in aiding that process along by helping create a culture of collaborative and conscious celebration in our businesses and communities that fuels us with vitality and positive energy, and ignites a desire in all of us to help each other and build a thriving world.

Chris Ravadilla

Chief Growth Officer

After graduating in marketing management, I worked at a number of different startups taking up a range of various roles: people & culture, customer success, account management, and business development. 

Today with VYVE, I commit to helping organizations and the people within it manifest the power of conscious and collaborative celebration.

Not only does it have the ability to bring people together, but also can help empower communities and its individuals to better their lives and relationships.

Our Core Values

Transform your life through Conscious and Collaborative celebration today.